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    On May 31, 2017,supplied and built by Foshan DLT Technology Co. Ltd., two D2D double-layer wide-body firing kiln weresuccessfully put into production in Shandong Zibo Fu Lai Te Building Ceramics Co., Ltd. With an inner width of 3500mm,the kiln is now the widest two-layers roller kiln in the world,mainly for production of 300 * 300,300 * 450,300 * 600,400 * 800mm tiles, and each of which can reach productioncapacity of 16,000 square meters per day.
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      On 27th August, a DLT energy efficiency super wide (W3950) roller kiln for wall tile production was successfully lighted up with customer’s expectations at AQSA CERAMICS LLP, a team member of ALFANSO GROUP based in Morbi, Gujarat, India.
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      DLT 4.0+ energy efficiency wide-body roller kiln for sintered slab tile production once again sparked the enthusiasm of insiders in the industry of ceramics. In a couple of hours, the formation process of real stone which takes thousands of years in the natural environment is reproduced in an industrial sintering process. Pieces of jade like, crystal clear beautiful sintered slab tiles appear leisurely and brilliantly on the production lines.
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      Recently, a high efficient, environmental friendly and energy-saving rustic and polished glazed vitrified tile production line, supplied by HLT & DLT to Sichuan Kaifeng Ceramic Co., LTD., was successfully put in use under the cooperation between the both teams.
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      Following the successful launch of DLT wide-body roller kiln in Line 3 for the production of “zero point zero percent” water absorption GVT (glazed vitrified tile) in February, 2020, recently in March end at Monalisa Group (Guangxi) Production Base, another DLT kiln which is installed in the neighbouring Line 4 started mass production successfully, showing good performance and having met the stringent requirements of the well-known tile manufacturing giant.
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