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    On May 31, 2017,supplied and built by Foshan DLT Technology Co. Ltd., two D2D double-layer wide-body firing kiln weresuccessfully put into production in Shandong Zibo Fu Lai Te Building Ceramics Co., Ltd. With an inner width of 3500mm,the kiln is now the widest two-layers roller kiln in the world,mainly for production of 300 * 300,300 * 450,300 * 600,400 * 800mm tiles, and each of which can reach productioncapacity of 16,000 square meters per day.
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      A new slab tile production line supplied by LT Family (a group of ceramic machinery companies including HLT, DLT and ZLT based in Foshan) was recently put in use in MOTTO GROUP’s SLIM plant in Morbi, Gujarat, India.
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      With the moderately coming breeze of autumn, and with the uprising name of LT family in the industry, complete plant projects are in full swing as more and more domestic and overseas customers are seeking for them. Recently on October 28th, a complete
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      CeramTech International Ceramic Exhibition, which is one of the largest and specialized ceramic machinery and materials event in Iran, is held from Sep 6th until Sep 9th 2017 in Isfahan, 2nd largest city in Iran not only famous in the world for its historical scenery and splendid culture attractions, but also as an import city in building materials industry field, such as ceramic industry.
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      On July 18, 2017, Huatian Ceramic in Tuokexun, Xinjiang province, successfully put into production with the completed line from LT family! This is another great success after the projects in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Shandong.
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